Sectra Launches Vendor-Neutral Integration for Machine Learning Apps

Sectra AB (Linköping, Sweden), a medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company, is launching vendor-neutral access to machine learning in its enterprise-imaging platform. The company’s customers will be able to utilize Sectra’s own machine learning applications as well as virtually any application, irrespective of the vendor. This will give healthcare providers a unified entry point to a best-of-breed portfolio, as well as the freedom of choice and opportunity to speed up access to new innovations.

Sectra is engaged in the development of state-of-the-art machine learning solutions, both in-house and in collaborative settings. The company has a long tradition of providing open platforms with which researchers and specialized vendors can easily integrate. Sectra has adopted a similar strategy in the machine learning area, where it is focusing mainly on applications for increasing the productivity of radiologists and pathologists. The automation of relatively simple but tedious tasks allows considerable time to be redirected to tasks where the human specialist is truly indispensable.

“There are many modern machine learning algorithms that could bring great benefits to diagnostic work, but very few solutions have yet reached clinical routine, » says Fredrik Häll, VP Product Management at Sectra Imaging IT Solutions. “A main limitation has been the lack of an effective multi-vendor ecosystem for radiologists to use through a single, unified workplace. The Sectra platform is the missing piece, a solid vendor-neutral foundation.”

Sectra will be showcasing examples of in-house and external machine learning applications available through the platform at the global radiology show, RSNA, in Chicago.

Source : Sectra Launches Vendor-Neutral Integration for Machine Learning Apps

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